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Getting Started

1. Pull code from openbeacon fork

git clone

2. Edit openbeacon/host/services/openbeacon-tracker/src/bmReaderPositions.h to include reader locations for 28c3 or eh12

vi openbeacon/host/services/openbeacon-tracker/src/bmReaderPositions.h

3. You will need libpcap to build the tracker

sudo apt-get install libpcap libpcap-dev

4. Then just run the makefile

cd openbeacon/host/services/openbeacon-tracker


5. Download data for EH12, Check for 28c3 data


6. Extract into pcap file and run tracker

unxz 2012-04-06-12:37:01.pcap.xz

./openbeacon-tracker 2012-04-06-12:37:01.pcap

This will produce json output that can now be further parsed or played with.

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