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Animated Nick


  • Each frame is a .lcd file.
  • All frames are concatenated and saved as “nick.lcd”.
  • Each frame is shown with a fixed frame rate of 0.5s.

Notes on lcd files

  • Pixels are not quadratic, but rectangular with a 1.209 ratio (each pixel is 1.209 times higher than its width).
  • This means a square should be 77 pixel wide and 64 pixel high (for example).

Automatic conversion from animated gif

The “convert” program from imagemagick is the tool to use.

convert INPUTFILE.gif -background white +adjoin -resize 96×82 -monochrome -alpha Off -resize '96×68!' -depth 1 -negate out.gif

(This is 96 x 82 and 96 x 68, not that weird multiplication character the wiki makes of it.)

For some reason these must then be flattened (does not work on one line) before converting to LCD format:

for f in out-*.gif; do convert $f -depth 1 -flatten f$f; ../r0ket/tools/image/ f$f; done

Now we can collect them:

cat `ls fout-*.lcd |sort -n -t- -k2 ` > nick.lcd

Copy nick.lcd to your r0ket badge. Have fun!

Sources for animations

Publish your animation

You can publish your animation or image here

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