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Design your own m0dul for r0ket @cccamp11!

You want to design your own PCB? Go every step from the idea to the finished, working m0dul? This workshop lets you do exactly that. In the workshop you'll learn how to use LEDs, Piezos and Buttons with the m0dul bus. You can chose those from a selection we are bringing to camp. You should already know how to solder.

You already know how to do the stuff above? Then feel free to chose from some of the other components we are bringing. As you already know something about circuit design, you'll have to find out yourself, how to use them with r0ket. There are sensors for humidity, hall effect, vibration and many more. Also more LEDs, IR LEDS, small light bulbs, motors and lots more. Just go to the fpletzvillage or if you have time to wait, come during the workshop.

Whatever you want to do, the basic kit includes everything that might be useful, from Perfboard, i2c LED drivers, I/O expanders to special stackable pin headers.

Workshop takes place on Friday, 19:00 in the hardware hacking tent.

Basic kit 10 €
stackable Pinheader 0.5 €

Also we have the following parts available for you, to create your own m0duls:

Name Description Datasheet Amount Available Price in EUR
TM1000Q Tilt Switch 10 2
MPL115A2T1 Digital Barometer 5 3
Z8FS040 Motion Detector 10 6
ATS177 Hall Sensor 20 1
HIH-5030-001 Humidity Sensor 10 9
1005939-1 Vibration Sensor 5 4
PCF8591P I2C Analog to Digital Converter 25 4
PS1240P02CT3 Piezo 25 1
PKM34EWH1101C Piezo 5 3
SFH203 FA Infrared Photodiode 25 1
7-Segment 13mm 7-Segement LED Display Common Cathode 28 1
Dot-Matrix Red Common Anode 10 2
Lamps 12V and 6.3V 10 2
DS18S20 Temperature Sensor 10 5
Small Motors
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