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 ====== Bridge ====== ====== Bridge ======
 The firmware for the bridge is located in the file firmware/​applications/​bridge.c The firmware for the bridge is located in the file firmware/​applications/​bridge.c
-To build it you have to edit firmware/​core/​projectconfig.h and 
-  - deactivate CFG_USBMSC 
-  - activate CFG_USBCDC 
 Then run: Then run:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 cd firmware cd firmware
-make APP=bridge+make clean 
 +make APP=bridge ​USBSERIAL=YES
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 170: Line 167:
    - ctr = player ctr++    - ctr = player ctr++
    - button = state of the button    - button = state of the button
-===== launch0r ===== 
-The script allows you to control a USB r0ketlaunch0r from your r0ket wirelessly. 
-One r0ket acts as a Bridge, to with other r0kets can connect using the rem0te l0dable. 
-   - Install the game server libarys as described above 
-   - Install hidapi bindings https://​​rene-dev/​cython-hidapi/​ 
-   - Flash the bridge firmware to your r0ket 
-   - Edit the device in https://​​rene-dev/​r0ket/​blob/​master/​tools/​game/​ 
-   - Start the script, and connect from another r0ket using the rem0te l0dable 
-   - Have fun! 
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