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getDigital left lots of USB missile launchers in our hands. So we'll give you the opportunity to play with them at 28c3! We have quite some of those, so take them apart, solder pins to the hackerbus, launch r0kets, whatever…

how will that work?

  • receive a missile launcher after a security deposit of 20 Euros. You get those 20 EUR back, they are just a deposit!
  • Missiles are avaible at an additional security deposit of 2 Euros each.
  • you will get that back when returning the launcher, even if you took it apart - just do something with the launcher :)
  • Mod it all the way you want, be creative and do a cool hack with the launcher and r0ket.
  • The launchers are not all working perfectly, you will receive the results of our first tests with your launcher
  • If you are one of the first 100 people to publish a hack, you can keep the launcher and still get your 20 Euro back
  • We'll think of something special for hacks that can surprise us ;)


  • You can download software for various operating systems here (windows only due to broken webpage?)
  • Software for Mac OS X can be found here: dmg, source
  • Even more software is avaible if you do a websearch for “usb missile launcher”
  • Official documentation is avaible at DreamCheeky
  • It seems like there are some differnces in the communication protocol for each launcher-generation. If find out more, please leave some information here.


  • We will offer you a choice of two types/three colors
  • The green and blue are connected via USB
  • The silver ones feature a wireless/infrared connection
    • You'll need 4 AA-Batteries to run those
    • Please do not dissassemble those completly. We only have a few of these.
  • We do not have enough missiles, so we can usually only provide you with one at a time. Be creative and hack some missiles yourself!
  • We can provide you with a webcam for your launcher. But please think twice, what you want to do with it and who you film!
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