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-So while I think science and running water and cars are good things, I keep open-minded ​Today'​s people are unscientific ​ in their favoring ​of unsubstantiated ideas much as they criticize the religious I'd rather be open-mindedabout scientific topics ​and questions we don'​t ​have definitive conclusions about.+OK... A couple ​of inane details regarding myself: A. I was a member of ARISTA in intermediate schoolII. I enjoy double Whopper even as I try, and again fail at shedding a few pounds. III. I can'​t ​stand blueberries! D.I absolutely love Commodores, and even own a Commodore Plus 4  DOS!!
-Here is my blog: [[|Sports Massage]]+Review ​my page [[​user/profile/4269530|Sports Massage]]
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