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-insert content ​here+==== l0dables ==== 
 +=== Intro === 
 +this page is intended to list l0dables that are already implemented,​ their features and source. 
 +How to write your own l0dables is documented in [[l0dable]] 
 +L0dables are small (<2.5k) loadable modules for the r0ket firmware. <​del>​In the default released firmware these need to be encrypted signed to be run (only true for original camp firmware)</​del>​  
 +=== New on 28C3 === 
 +  * **Feel free to link to your own developments ​here!** 
 +  * MP0NG http://​​mp0ng.c0d - r0ket to r0ket wireless pong, source in current git 
 +  * okr0ket http://​​okr0ket - dating software for r0ket - find a partner matching your profile 
 +=== Preinstalled === 
 +The default l0dables are 
 +  * BLINK {{:​blink.c0d}} 
 +  * INVADERS {{:​invaders.c0d}} ​  ​**--New new version: workaround for mesh problems.** 
 +  * MANDEL {{:​mandel.c0d}} 
 +  * PWGEN {{:​pwgen.c0d}} 
 +  * ROCKETS {{:​rockets.c0d}} 
 +  * RECVCARD {{:​recvcard.c0d}} 
 +  * SENDCARD {{:​sendcard.c0d}} 
 +l0dables which replace the nickname display have the extension .NIK 
 +  * ANIM {{:​anim.nik}} 
 +  * IMAGE {{:​image.nik}} 
 +  * LIFE {{:​life.nik}} 
 +  * PLAIN {{:​plain.nik}} 
 +  * SCR0LL {{:​scr0ll.nik}} 
 +After-release l0dables: 
 +  * SHOWCARD {{:​showcard.c0d}} 
 +    * displays a vcard 
 +  * VOLTAGE {{:​voltage.c0d}} 
 +    * Check your battery voltage and charging status 
 +  * SNAKE {{:​snake.c0d}} 
 +    * <some witty comment>​ 
 +  * MATRIX {{:​matrix.nik}} 
 +    * random characters :) 
 +  * INVADERS {{:​invaders.nik}} 
 +    * invaders-style nickname 
 +  * JUMP {{:​jump.c0d}} 
 +    * a Doodle Jump clone 
 +  * SCOPE {{:​scope.c0d}} 
 +    * Oscilliscope which reads from the hackbus ports. Put your fingers on and see your electric field. 
 +All these modules can be downloaded here and placed on your r0ket via the usb_storage mode. 
 +If you write a l0dable, stop by at our table to get it integrated into the repository. As no signatures are needed any more, you can also simply put c/c0d file for download here or on your own server and link to it! Happy c0ding! 
 +=== Fahrplan === 
 +**Bugfix**: since day3 saving the current position messed up the schedule. This has now been fixed, you need to copy .c0d und .scd file. For those interested: the switch from 16Bit to 24Bit pointers was incomplete. Thanks to Sturle for finding. 
 +28C3 Schedule on your r0ket. This l0dable is pre-installed in the 28C3 firmwares, but as the Fahrplan changes quite often updates are offered here. You need to have a current firmware though, so if you haven'​t done so so far, go to [[init]] and flash it. 
 +Newest version: http://​​ 
 +The Archive contains 4 files, the l0dable fahrplan.c0d and three editions of the schedule: fahrplan.scd is the 100K default, containing length limited texts, fp-mini.scd is only 8K for those needing their dataflash for other stuff, but contains only the titles. fp-big.scd finally contains full descriptions and eats up about half your r0kets dataflash.  
 +Simply unzip the archive, boot your r0ket while moving joystick down (to battery connector, not press), mount the USB volume and copy fahrplan.c0d and fahrplan.scd to it. For big or mini version simply copy it like cp fp-big.scd /​mnt/​mountpoint/​fahrplan.scd,​ as the l0dable always loads the file called fahrplan.scd. 
 +Using the Fahrplan: I hope it's quite self explaining, start the l0dable and after an init screen you are in the schedule, like: 
 +D1 1400+0100 2 
 +Hacking ​    na 
 +By: lilafisch,​ 
 + ​Stefan '​Sec'​ 
 +First line shows Day (D1 to D4) starttime+duration and the room, second line the Track and language (na for not available). Then Title and description follow. 
 +To navigate through the schedule press right or left for next and previous talk, they are sorted by Day, Time, Room so you will see them in the order like they happen and move forward through it as congress progresses. When you leave the fahrplan by pressing the joystick it remembers your last position. Up/Down simply scroll through the description,​ we know it's hard to read, but - it's r0ket science! 
 +Hint: if you use the fahrplan often and find it too deep down the list, mount the volume, delete fahrplan.c0d and the first (or whatever position you want) l0dable in the list and then copy the fahrplan.c0d (and possibly a backup of the other l0dable...) back in that order. ​  
 +=== LeiwandVille Demo === 
 +We are proud to present you the official LeiwandVille Demo App for your batch. 
 +=== signed version === 
 +If you haven'​t flashed your badge, here is the official signed version: http://​​r0ket/​leiwand.c0d. Just attach badge to computer, enter mass storage mode (menu -> usb_storage) and copy the file to the mass torage device. Don't forget to unmount/​eject the device before unplugging!  
 +=== open source version === 
 +Download the files http://​​r0ket/​leiwand.c and http://​​r0ket/​leiwand.h to the directory "​firmware/​l0dable"​ in your local copy of the GIT repo and make a release build as described in the r0ket wiki. 
 +=== Show *.lcd Files === 
 +This l0dable shows you .lcd files (images or animations) stored on your r0ket. 
 +It also allows you to choose the animation speed. 
 +(See also [[lcd_art|LCD Art]]) 
 +  * [[http://​​cccamp2011/​l0dables/​showlcd/​|Download showlcd]] 
 +    * [[http://​​files/​uploads/​2011.08.11_11.25.46_showlcd.c0d|Mirror (signed .c0d)]] 
 +    * [[http://​​files/​uploads/​2011.08.11_11.25.40_showlcd.c|Mirror (source, maybe not the latest verstion)]] 
 +(Sorry for the lame hosting... I don't have webspace) 
 +=== Unsigned .c files === 
 +  * [[http://​​files/​uploads/​2011.08.11_11.29.41_tetris.c|Tetris]] 
 +  * [[http://​​files/​uploads/​2011.08.11_11.29.49_dei_mudda.c|Dei Mudda]] 
 +  * [[http://​​u/​37924579/​sign.c|Sign]] (see http://​​363/,​ c0d file [[http://​​u/​37924579/​sign.c0d|here]]) 
 +  * [[https://​​gasman/​wolfy|wolfy]] (Wolfenstein 3D style raycasting engine - [[http://​​wolfy/​wolfy.c0d|c0d file]], [[http://​​wolfy/​wolfy.png|screenshot]]) 
 +  * Fixed blink.c [[http://​​files/​uploads/​blink.c|source]] [[http://​​files/​uploads/​blink.c0d|git signed .c0d]] 
 +  * [[http://​​u/​1866047/​jump.c0d|r0ket JUMP!]] (a Doodle Jump clone) [[https://​​webholics/​r0ket/​blob/​master/​firmware/​l0dable/​jump.c|jump.c]] 
 +  * [[http://​​files/​zxe26v8o/​geekloc.c.html|original freakshare]] [[http://​​files/​uploads/​geekloc.c|mirror]] GeekLoc(TM) See which geeks are nearby :) (uses your configured nick) 
 +  * [[https://​​1881/​battery.c|Battery:​ A graphical voltage replacement]] (CTHN Village) 
 +  * [[https://​​telelo/​p0ng|simple singleplayer p0ng]] - n0w w0rking as l0dable 0n the badge! :D 
 +  * [[https://​​stylesuxx/​waste-0-meter|waste-0-meter]] - let others know how wasted you are and keep track of your consumption 
 +  * [[https://​​WilstonOreo/​r0ket/​blob/​master/​firmware/​l0dable/​rtr0ket.c|rtr0ket]] A tiny real-time raytracer with nickname for the r0ket! 
 +  * [[https://​​0xtob/​r0ketstuff/​blob/​master/​okr0ket.c|okr0ket.c]] [[https://​​0xtob/​r0ketstuff/​blob/​master/​okr0ket.c0d|okr0ket.c0d]] Matchmaking for nerds. Find love with your r0ket! 
 +  * [[http://​​r0ket/​newyear.c|newyear.c]] [[http://​​r0ket/​newyear.c0d|newyear.c0d]] Happy New Year app for the r0ket! (Github link to come next year ;) ) 
 +  * [[http://​​puKJDvaW]] Test your reactions (aka myFirstTry) 
 +  * [[http://​​Cn9PGEpC]] 29c3 moto 
 +For Nick-Animations,​ Animations and Images please see [[lcd_art|LCD Art]] 
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