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L0dables are small (<2.5k) loadable modules for the r0ket firmware. In the default released firmware these need to be encrypted signed to be run. The default l0dables are

l0dables which replace the nickname display have the extension .NIK

After-release l0dables:

All these modules can be downloaded here and placed on your r0ket via the usb_storage mode.

If you write a l0dable, stop by fpletzvillage to get it signed and distributed here.

LeiwandVille Demo

We are proud to present you the official LeiwandVille Demo App for your batch.

signed version

If you haven't flashed your badge, here is the official signed version: Just attach badge to computer, enter mass storage mode (menu → usb_storage) and copy the file to the mass torage device. Don't forget to unmount/eject the device before unplugging!

open source version

Download the files and to the directory “firmware/l0dable” in your local copy of the GIT repo and make a release build as described in the r0ket wiki.

Show *.lcd Files

This l0dable shows you .lcd files (images or animations) stored on your r0ket. It also allows you to choose the animation speed. (See also LCD Art)

(Sorry for the lame hosting… I don't have webspace)

Unsigned .c files

For Nick-Animations, Animations and Images please see LCD Art

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