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-L0dables are small (<2.5k) loadable modules for the r0ket firmware. In the default released firmware these need to be encrypted signed to be run. The default l0dables are+==== l0dable documentation ====
-  * BLINK {{:blink.c0d}} +This page documents to how to write a [[l0dable]]depending on the font you are seeing this looks like "I/O dables"​ but meant is "​loadable"​these are small software components (in opposite to [[m0duls]] which are hardare components) that can easily copied to the [[r0ket]]Once you are done with you l0dable please mention it in [[l0dables]].
-  * INVADERS {{:invaders.c0d}}   ​**--New new version: workaround for mesh problems.** +
-  * MANDEL {{:mandel.c0d}} +
-  * PWGEN {{:​pwgen.c0d}} +
-  * ROCKETS {{:​rockets.c0d}} +
-  * RECVCARD {{:​recvcard.c0d}} +
-  * SENDCARD {{:​sendcard.c0d}}+
-l0dables which replace the nickname display have the extension .NIK +Set up build environment as described in [[build]]
-  * ANIM {{:​anim.nik}} +
-  * IMAGE {{:​image.nik}} +
-  * LIFE {{:​life.nik}} +
-  * PLAIN {{:​plain.nik}} +
-  * SCR0LL {{:​scr0ll.nik}}+
-After-release l0dables:+<​code>​ 
 +cd firmware/​l0dable/​ 
 +vi hello.c 
-  * SHOWCARD {{:​showcard.c0d}} +<​code>​ 
-    * displays a vcard +#include <sysinit.h> 
-  * VOLTAGE {{:voltage.c0d}} +#include <string.h> 
-    * Check your battery voltage and charging status +#​include ​<stdlib.h>
-  * SNAKE {{:snake.c0d}} +
-    ​* ​<some witty comment> +
-  * MATRIX {{:​matrix.nik}} +
-    * random characters :) +
-  * INVADERS {{:​invaders.nik}} +
-    * invaders-style nickname+
-All these modules can be downloaded here and placed on your r0ket via the usb_storage mode.+#include "​basic/​basic.h" 
 +#include "​basic/​config.h"​
-If you write a l0dable, stop by fpletzvillage to get it signed and distributed here.+#include "​lcd/​render.h" 
 +#include "​lcd/​print.h"​
-====LeiwandVille Demo====+#include "​usetable.h"​
-We are proud to present you the official LeiwandVille Demo App for your batch.+void ram(void) 
 +  lcdPrintln("​Hello"​);​ 
 +  lcdPrintln(GLOBAL(nickname));​ 
 +  lcdRefresh();​ 
 +  while (1){}; 
-===signed version=== +more examples how to do stuff are in the l0dable directory.
-If you haven'​t flashed your badge, here is the official signed version: http://​​r0ket/​leiwand.c0d. Just attach badge to computer, enter mass storage mode (menu -> usb_storage) and copy the file to the mass torage deviceDon't forget to unmount/​eject the device before unplugging! ​+
-===open source version===+==== Compiling the l0dable for the r0ket ====
-Download the files http://​​leiwand.c and http://​​r0ket/​leiwand.h to the directory "​firmware/​l0dable"​ in your local copy of the GIT repo and make a release build as described in the r0ket wiki.+<​code>​ 
 +make hello.c0d 
-==== Show *.lcd Files ====+Select usb_storage on your r0ket, mount it and copy hello.c0d on the usb device. 
 +on OS X so not use the finder, use
-This l0dable shows you .lcd files (images or animations) stored on your r0ket. +<​code>​ 
-It also allows you to choose the animation speed. +cp hello.c0d /Volumes/NO\ NAME
-(See also [[lcd_art|LCD Art]]) +</code>
-  * [[​l0dables/​showlcd/​|Download showlcd]] +
-    * [[http://​​files/​2011.08.11_11.25.46_showlcd.c0d|Mirror (signed .c0d)]] +
-    * [[http://​​files/​2011.08.11_11.25.40_showlcd.c|Mirror (source, maybe not the latest verstion)]] +
-(Sorry for the lame hosting... I don't have webspace)+
-==== Unsigned .c files ==== +make sure you unmount the device properly. 
-  * [[http://​​files/​2011.08.11_11.29.41_tetris.c|Tetris]] + 
-  * [[http://​​files/​2011.08.11_11.29.49_dei_mudda.c|Dei Mudda]] +exit usb_storage,​ and run hello from the execute menu. 
-  * [[http://​​u/​37924579/​sign.c|Sign]] (see http://​​363/,​ c0d file [[http://​​u/​37924579/​sign.c0d|here]]) + 
-  * [[https://​​gasman/​wolfy|wolfy]] (Wolfenstein 3D style raycasting engine, work in progress - [[http://​​wolfy/​wolfy.c0d|c0d file]], [[http://​​wolfy/​wolfy.png|screenshot]]) +==== running in the simulat0r ​==== 
-  * Fixed blink.c [[http://​​files/​blink.c|source]] [[http://​​files/​blink.c0d|git signed .c0d]] + 
-  * [[http://​​u/​1866047/​jump.c0d|r0ket JUMP!]] (a Doodle Jump clone) [[https://​​webholics/​r0ket/​blob/​master/​firmware/​l0dable/​jump.c|jump.c]] +<​code>​ 
-  * [[​files/​zxe26v8o/​geekloc.c.html|original freakshare]] [[http://​​files/​geekloc.c|mirror]] GeekLoc(TM) See which geeks are nearby :) (uses your configured nick) +cd simulat0r 
-  * [[https://​​1873/​p0ng|simple singleplayer p0ng]] - version 0.2 (19:85, 12.8.2011) +make APP=l0dable ​LAPP=hello 
-  * [[https://​​1881/​battery.c|Battery:​ A graphical voltage replacement]] (CTHN Village) +gui/build/qsimulat0r 
-  ​* ​[[http://​​files/​minichat.c|minichat]] [[http://​​files/​minichat.c0d|.c0d]] +</code> 
-  * [[http://​​starfld.c|Starfield]] [[http://​​files/​starfld.c0d|.c0d]] + 
-  *  +<​note>​ This [[l0dable]] will loop forever and you will have to reboot you [[r0ket]] after starting it</note>
-For Nick-Animations,​ Animations and Images please see [[lcd_art|LCD Art]]+
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