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**This page is not yet ready. Please check back on the evening of Dec 22nd for the final firmware and instructions on how to flash your r0ket**

How flash your roket?

Flashing your r0ket ensures you will get the full functionality on the 28C3. It is highly recommended you flash your old r0ket before attending the congress.
We will bring a device to the 28C3 that will do the steps below for you. If you can, please try to flash it your self. This helps to reduce the waiting time on congress :)

This procedure also brings your r0ket back into shape in case you “bricked” it or experience other strange software glitches including a damaged file system for l0dables.


  1. Download the firmware pack here: r0ket-firmware-28c3-r1.tar.gz
  2. Unpack the archive with your favourite tool.
  3. Turn r0ket off (switch position up).
  4. Plug micro-USB cable into r0ket and Computer.
  5. Hold joystick to the left.
  6. Turn r0ket on (switch position down).
  7. Release joystick.
  8. Wait about 30 seconds.
  9. The r0ket will pose as a thumb drive. Check that you have a new volume with a 'firmware.bin' file on it. Mount the r0ket if you don't get a new volume.
  10. As a normal user run the following command in a command window:
    1. cd r0ket-firmware && ./flash-r0ket
  11. The script should tell you, that everything went fine.
  12. Turn r0ket off.
  13. Hold joystick down towards the battery connector.
  14. Turn r0ket on.
  15. As above look for a new volume on your system. Mount the r0ket if you don't get one.
  16. Make a copy of the following files to your computer: R0KET.CFG, NICK.CFG, privx.key, privy.key and pub.key
    1. Don't worry if some of these files are missing. Your r0ket will still work.
  17. Now unmount the r0ket. In a terminal run the following commands:
    1. mount
      1. look for a line like:
        /dev/sdb on /media/3355-4B37 type vfat [...]
      2. In this case “/dev/sdb” is the device of your r0ket. Make sure that the second path matches name of the new volume
    2. sudo umount <device that was shown by the 'mount' command above>
      1. Example:
        sudo umount /dev/sdb
  18. Write the new image by running:
    1. sudo dd if=dataflash.img of=<device that was shown by the 'mount' command above>
      1. make absolutely sure that you enter the correct device in the line above, or you can damage your computer.
      2. Example:
        sudo dd if=dataflash.img of=/dev/sdb
    2. sync
  19. Turn off r0ket and back on, while pressing the joystick towards the battery connector.
  20. Copy the files from step 16 back to the r0ket.

You're done. Yay!


  1. Download the firmware here:
  2. Turn r0ket off (switch position down)
  3. Plug micro-USB cable into r0ket and Computer
  4. Hold joystick to the left
  5. Turn r0ket on (switch position up)
  6. Release joystick
  7. Wait about 30 seconds.
  8. Write firmware.bin to r0ket
    • run “copy firmware.bin G:” (check the drive letter first – or just do it via drag&drop)
  9. Turn r0ket off.
  10. Hold joystick down
  11. Turn r0ket on.
  12. Write new dataflash image
    • Either use a tool like ImageWriter
      • select dataflash.img as source and the USB r0ket as target
    • or write with dd for windows with a command like
      • dd if=dataflash.img of=\\.\g: # (check drive-letter first)
  13. wait until all data is written
  14. turn off r0ket

You're done. Yay!

Downloadable files:

  • firmware.bin
  • dataflash.img
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