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Fahrplan is the Hacker-Event-Schedule f0r r0ket.

The latest version is the OHM Schedule v1.0 in a BETA state.

Get it at:

The Archive contains 4 files, a README, the l0dable fahrplan.c0d and two editions of the schedule: fahrplan.scd is the 300K default, containing (length limited) all texts, fp-mini.scd is only 8K for those needing their dataflash for other stuff, but contains only the titles. Warning: some (all? older?) r0ket firmwares have problems with copying big files using a windows host.

Simply unzip the archive, boot your r0ket while moving joystick down (to battery connector, not press), mount the USB volume and copy fahrplan.c0d and fahrplan.scd to it. For mini version simply copy it like cp fp-mini.scd /mnt/mountpoint/fahrplan.scd, as the l0dable always loads the file called fahrplan.scd.

Using the Fahrplan: I hope it's quite self explaining, start the l0dable and after an init screen you are in the schedule, like:

D1 1130+0030 1

OHM2013 openin
g ceremony
By: gmc

First line shows Day (D1 to D4) starttime+duration and the room, second line the Track and language (na for not available). Then title and description follow. The room is reduced to one character, resulting in 1-6 for T1-T6, and the first letter for all the others on OHM. Unfortunately H and F are doubled that way, but it's mainly intended for T1-T6 anyway. And something is buggy currently. Improvements might happen.

To navigate through the schedule press right or left for next and previous talk, they are sorted by Day, Time, Room so you will see them in the order like they happen and move forward through it as conference progresses. When you leave the fahrplan by pressing the joystick it remembers your last position. Up/Down simply scroll through the description, we know it's hard to read, but - it's r0ket science!

Hint: if you use the fahrplan often and find it too deep down the list, mount the volume, delete fahrplan.c0d and the first (or whatever position you want) l0dable in the list and then copy the fahrplan.c0d (and possibly a backup of the other l0dable…) back in that order.

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