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r0ket offers the possibility to make cool m0dules, without having the costs for standard parts (controller, display, batteries). For an event you can chose an interesting (and expensive) component for a m0dule and focus workshops, games and experiments on that component. For small project you have a nice development board that can be extended with already existing m0dules. And you can combine all the m0dules you want, keep using old ones and show those you developed yourself. r0ket is based on an cortex m3 ARM processor, a standard in the industry and supported by many free software tools, e.g. gcc, gdb. You can't brick it, thanks to the integrated usb bootloader, located in the ROM. That bootloader also makes flashing new software easy. The battery has a higher capacity than the usual for badges, r0ket will last even if you play with it a lot! r0ket is compatible with the AMD projects, with display and buttons interesting new functions can develop.


After seeing lot's of badges for different events (next hope, defcon, troopers 11, eh10, …), each with its own great functions, the following went through our heads:

  • It's a pity you can't really wear them again
  • development after the conferences is little/little acknowledged
  • each time you get a hand full of use-once batteries
  • most of the budget goes to standard parts

it would be great to have a badge that offers some standard components:

  • rechargeable battery
  • display
  • communication (RF, maybe LEDs)
  • no additional components for programming needed (except for standard usb connector)
  • connectors for additional badges of different events/purposes that can be combined freely

r0ket is what came out.

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