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-After seeing lot's of badges for different events (next hope, defcon, troopers 11, eh10, ...), each with its own great functions the following went through our heads:+====r0ket==== 
 +r0ket is an electronic name tag and much more
-  * It's a pity you can'​t ​really wear them again +  ​* Proudly display your nick on  [[https://​​camp/​2011/​wiki/​Main_Page|Camp 2011]] and future events 
-  * development ​after the conferences ​is little/little acknowledged +  * Have fun with the camp-applications or alternate firmwares 
-  * each time you get a handfull ​of use-once ​batteries +  * Use it as foundation for your own microelectronics project  
-  * most of the budget goes to standard parts+  * Provide an interesting component as a [[m0dul]] for your event or workshop and rely on r0ket for the basics like display, CPU, power supply and RF 
 +  * Rapidly develop for and with diverse hardware by combining extensions designed by the community 
 +After collecting lots of badges form different events (defcon, hope, troopers 11, eh2010, ...), each with it's own great features and applications,​ the following went through our heads: 
 +  ​* It's a pity that you usually ​can'​t ​use them again for a different event 
 +  * Development ​after the event is rare and little acknowledged 
 +  * Usually ​you end up with heaps of empty batteries 
 +  * Most of the budget goes to standard parts, reinventing the same basic functionality again and again 
 +r0ket aims to be a really useful event badge in itself while also providing a solid foundation for future extensions 
 +  * Based on ARM Cortex M3 32-Bit microcontroller 
 +  * Unbrickable,​ no-programmer-needed USB-bootloader 
 +  * High capacity lithium-polymer battery, rechargeable via USB 
 +  * 2.4 GHz radio interface (and maybe optical communication,​ be surprised) 
 +  * Sockets for extensions ([[m0dul|m0duls]] and hackerbus)
-it would be great to have a badge that: 
-  * offers a rechargable ​ 
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