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In this document I will describe how to build a toolchain for ARM.

setup build environment

In this document we will install the toolchain in the users home directory under $HOME/arm-elf.

Installation will take place in /tmp/toolchain.

$ mkdir -p /tmp/toolchain/src

$ mkdir -p /tmp/toolchain/arm-elf

$ mkdir -p $HOME/arm-elf/bin

$ export PATH=$HOME/arm-elf/bin:$PATH


Download binutils from

$ cd /tmp/toolchain/src

$ wget

$ tar -zxvf binutils-2.21.1.tar.gz

Configure and build.

$ cd /tmp/toolchain/arm-elf

$ mkdir binutils

$ cd binutils

$ ../../src/binutils-2.21.1/configure –prefix=$HOME/arm-elf –target=arm-elf –disable-nls

$ make

$ make install



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